At ShushanTech, we develop scalable enterprise solutions that can help organizations to meet business requirements by reducing time & risks. Enterprise solutions are often expected to give great results as it usually involves a significant investment. We help the organizations planning to embark on a journey and ensure them a successful adoption.

First we understand their internal capabilities, propose them the best-suited technologies, and   guide them to build a scalable architecture. We also ensure the right skills and processes in place to achieve the expected results.

To achieve the above, ShushanTech has developed a Capability Assessment (CA) team. CA assesses and measures the capabilities essential to establishing a reliable foundation and successful deployment:

  • Technology: Assesses if your current infrastructure is capable of realizing your organization’s vision and if you have you deployed the best-suited tools.
  • Business: Assesses if your organization is ready to start execution and understand where investment is required in order to accelerate delivery and ROI.
  • Governance: Assesses if you are confident about your program being delivered successfully and securely

By underpinning our Services, CA provides a structured base for an effective implementation. Not only does it provide an assessment of maturity around the key stages of adoption, but it also accelerates your strategy by presenting recommendations and a roadmap on how to successfully progress with your deployment.