Database Upgrade Testing: Why You Need It

Upgrading your database environment is a necessary component of your IT strategy. Testing throughout the upgrade process will mitigate the risk of lost, incomplete, or corrupted data, and help to ensure the success of your project.

The most important aspect of testing the database upgrade process is to make sure that the data within the older version transfers properly to the upgraded version, and to check that data integrity is maintained after the upgrade.

How DvT Can Help

DvT supports the complex logic that is needed to ensure that the transitioned data reflects your business logic, especially if the structure of the data changed as a result of the upgrade (due to switching vendors, differing versions, etc.).

Using DvT to test the database upgrade gives your team the ability to:

  • Ensure data integrity after loading is complete
  • Prevent unexpected failures in production
  • Accomplish up to 100% data verification.
Supported Data Sources

DvT supports databases, data marts, data warehouses, Hadoop, and flat files as either sources or targets.