Quanti Investing with Artificial Intelligence. Are you a trader or investor looking to leverage Stock Earnings in your investment or trading strategy? Try our Quanti AI.

In present days, not many financial technical applications are available to a novice user that are built based on latest evolving Big Data and Machine Learning technologies. Recent availability of fast and reliable market data and statistical strategies can be leveraged to produce better alpha for busy professionals who are willing to take risk for better returns on their dead capital. Using big data cloud, machine learning algorithms are more prevalent now and can be modeled with newer technologies and applied to the capital. Bitcoin, ICO, Crypto currencies are still in their infancy and modelling and capturing their full potential and participate in the growth. 

QuantiAI is a Cutting Edge Screening Tool built for Traders by ShushanTech!

Whether you are an Event Trader, Options Trader, Gap Trader or Investor, our simple yet powerful tool screens stocks earnings by using an advanced Volatility Predictive Model. It makes a directional Prediction which leads in very accurate results. Daily Email Alerts could be configured for Notable Earnings to keep you updated.

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