ShushanTech’s Roadmap provides organizations with the foundation and structure required for successful journeys. This helps our stakeholders to assess the cost and risk of implementation based on business value. This also helps to create a roadmap for optimized deployment by prioritizing your high-value and low-cost use cases.

Our Roadmap includes a Strategy, a Capability analysis and Architecture which help you to join your business and technology executive visions, enabling successful, business objective-driven deployments.


At ShushanTech, we believe that a strategy and a roadmap are needed for an efficient, low risk and measurable success delivery. This helps to bring clarity to the program by providing the necessary detail to allow organizations to build a comprehensive strategy. From the time of agreement, we provide high-level use cases to aid in initiating your business strategy. We will also guide you through the entire implementation process, working alongside you to create a short and long-term strategy. This will provide you the confidence to start your journey with the clear vision of how to meet your business objectives. The use cases, strategy and high level architecture will inform subsequent architecture decisions and technology choices.


Implementations are usually high budget programs and its always better not to take any chances. Without a well-defined architecture, there would be many pitfalls that impact your project. ShushanTech’s Architecture Review approach provides expert recommendations, architecture and use cases to align them with your strategy. We work with your team to understand your immediate use cases and combine that with our best practice approach, to define an implementation plan that fits your short-term delivery schedule and long-term business goals. This makes for an architecture that is both strategic and also designed to scale to support a full vision and roadmap.

Plan & Design

At ShushanTech, our skilled architects and engineers can design solutions on the existing architectural foundations using the latest methodologies and techniques. Our Plan and Design service is one of many services offered and allows organizations to help design solutions appropriately for both the short and long term. Our team will not only design a solution to fit your immediate needs, but will also take into account your future aspirations to ensure there is maximum benefit.

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